FT Premium is one of the leading Slovenian insurance brokers. Our staff has valuable experience in insurance industry. For our clients we prepare insurance programmes and search for optimum and cost-effective insurance solutions. We cooperate with different insurance companies and find the most suitable for you.
We deal with all domestic and many foreign insurance companies. Our business network includes numerous foreign insurance brokers, who help us place demanding insurance programmes on foreign insurance markets.


FRANCI ŠKULJ – B.Sc. (Econ.)
Managing Director

[approval number of Insurance supervisory Agency 30220-978/06-4 dated 15.6.2006]

has worked in the insurance industry since 1992. He was management board member of the Slovenian insurance company Zavarovalnica Tilia, d.d. , responsible for the whole insurance sector and executive director of sales and marketing of non-life insurance at the largest Slovenian insurance company Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. Since 2006 he has worked in insurance brokerage.

TOMAŽ SENČAR – B.Sc. (Elec Eng)
Managing Director

[approval number of Insurance supervisory Agency 40110-1999/09-4 dated 11.12.2009]

has worked in the insurance industry since 1999. Until 2007 he worked for the Triglav Insurance group, his last position being a director of non-life reinsurance at the reinsurance company Pozavarovalnica Triglav Re.

Head of Broking

[approval number of Insurance supervisory Agency 40110-1274/12-4 dated from 20.7.2012]

He joined FT PRETIUM in the year 2011. He has gained expertise in the fields of insurance and reinsurance, dealing with a wide range of insurance lines and products, including those not available in the Slovenian Insurance Market. As Head of Broking he is also responsible for technical monitoring and professional development in the company.


MATEJA MAROLT – B.A. (Public Administration)

[approval number of Insurance supervisory Agency 40110-2078/09-4 dated from 16.12.2009]

She has been part of the FT PRETIUM team since the company's establishment. Her specialties include both property and motor insurance. In addition, she has extensive experience in dealing with various insurance lines present in the Slovenian insurance market. Her responsibilities comprise also complete customer care as well as market research.


[approval number of Insurance supervisory Agency 40110-1286/2015-4 dated from 18.6.2015]

She joined the company in 2008, first as a student and later as a full-time employee. She works in the fields of property and liability insurance as well as motor insurance. In addition, she is engaged in preparing risk analysis and other supporting risk information for our team members. Lately, she has also been responsible for insurance technical accounts.


We treat our clients individually and in line with conduct of business rules. Together with our clients we carefully assess the situation in the company and in the industry, consider possible choices and tailor insurance programme to the customers' needs to give them optimal security at affordable prices. Longtime experience in the insurance industry and excellent knowledge of domestic and foreign insurance markets enable us to be consistent and effective at what we do.


We are insurance brokers for more than 150 Slovenian companies. Thus we have to be familiar with current information on the most competitive insurance conditions the insurance market has got to offer. Due to our up-to-date insight into foreign insurance markets we can offer insurance products which are not available on the Slovenian market. Consequently we are a hard negotiator when negotiating insurance terms for our clients.


We consult clients on risk transfer to insurance companies,
we prepare innovative insurance programmes, adjusted to the business and its operations,
we consult and intermediate with insurance companies (enquiry, negotiation and selection of the risk carrier),
for our clients we deal with administration concerning all of their insurance documentation,
we offer expertise in case of insured loss events,
on client's request we conduct expert risk survey of the company.

We believe that our services will meet your requirements concerning risk management and insurances in general.


Our clients are the leading companies in the following industries:

automotive industry,
food and agriculture,
financial services and/or banking,
mechanical industry,
information technology,
construction industry,



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Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana


Full name: FT PRETIUM, zavarovalno posredovanje, d.o.o.
Short name: FT PRETIUM d.o.o.

Company ID: 2275406
Company VAT ID: 88376087

Insurance Mediation License Number 40110-353/07-4 issued by Slovenian Insurance Supervisory Agency. The company is licensed to conduct insurance mediation in EU member states according to the EU Directive 2002/92/CE.

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